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Audi TPMS Sensors

Huf, Siemens VDO, and Continental TPMS Sensors for Audi

Audi utilizes Huf, Siemens VDO, and Continental tire pressure monitoring sensors to accommodate its wide array of vehicle types. Maintaining proper tire pressure may not sound like the most significant performance check, but Audi stays loyal to its design philosophy by creating vehicles that keep the driver experience real and true. 

Audi addresses the needs of drivers by staying on track with the latest technologies and trends. The company designs its vehicles by keeping in mind the different requirements of drivers worldwide. Audi certainly lives up to its company slogan, "Truth in Engineering," by creating vehicles with impeccable sophistication in design and style. Creative and innovative ideas seamlessly tie together the elements of style, luxury, performance, and comfort. 

Audi has standardized the ABS based Indirect TPMS System in all of its 2011 and up models. To learn more about the Audi ABS Indirect TPMS system, please click here. 

If you have any questions regarding OE TPMS, fitment, reset / relearn procedures, installation, or anything else related to TPMS, please contact our customer service department at -

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