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BMW TPMS Sensors

The Ultimate Driving Machine

Even the famed Ultimate Driving Machine has the occasional need for unexpected maintenance and parts. One of these is often first brought to the attention of BMW owners when the low tire pressure warning light appears in the dashboard. The owner checks the tire pressure and all seems well but that light stays on. Problem? A TPMS sensor needing replacement. Typical BMW dealer costs are, well, typically a lot higher than what you'll find here at TPMS Direct. Our Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors are authentic OE too. Manufactured by the authorized BMW TPMS supplier, Huf Hülsbeck und Fürst, Germany.

You can drive with confidence with our Original Equipment BMW TPMS sensors knowing you can once again feel at one with the road. 

Huf TPMS Sensors for BMW

With an uncanny attention to detail and focus on driver experience, BMW vehicles utilize Huf tire pressure monitoring sensors to gauge tire pressure and improve road handling and comfort. A machine is nothing without its systems. Performing at full potential is only possible when your tires are inflated at the correct pressure. A small piece of technology like the TPMS sensor plays a big role in making BMW the "Ultimate Driving Machine."

If you have any questions regarding OE TPMS, fitment, reset / relearn procedures, installation, or anything else related to TPMS, please contact our customer service department at - [email protected]

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