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TPMS Playbook for Your Shop: Best Practices
Brought to you by Schrader International

Shops that are involved in the TPMS service and/or retail industry should look to integrate the 4 following practices into its standard procedures:

1. Learn
  • Educate your technicians and managers about all key aspects of TPMS including typical sensor life expectancies, benefits of TPMS to the customer, different sensor styles and options, the need to service sensors regularly with service packs. 
  • Understand and implement consistent shop practices including vehicle audit procedures such as "Test Before Touch", printed sensor health report, customer consultation, replacement of wearable components
  • Re-arrange shop including equipment and supplies to maximize efficiency and productivity. Store service packs, replacement stems and applicable tools next to the tire machines so that inventory and tools are within reach. Change the workflow based upon the requirements for new TPMS technology. 
2. Equip
  • Ensure that you have the right TPMS programming and scan tool so you can test, copy, create sensors, access OBD connections, and view critical relearn procedures
  • Ensure that you have the correct mechanical tools for proper valve stem and TPMS nut torque installations, grommet removal, and pressure checks.
  • Inventory sufficient sensors and service packs in your store to eliminate costly time delays waiting for parts from the warehouse or OE dealership.
3. Communicate
  • Ensure all shop personnel are aware of your procedures and expectations to ensure you service TPMS as designed by the OE manufacturer.
  • No customer leaves the shop with the TPMS warning light on. This is a LEGAL responsibility!
  • Make it standard practice to review the pre-repair audit report with customers before doing work so that they understand the importance, benefits, and investment associated with TPMS service. 
  • Clearly post your prices for re-learns and service kits
  • Provide in-store flyers and posters to educate consumers about TPMS and help store personnel explain the various components. 
  • Educate all customers with TPMS-equipped vehicles about TPMS before they have a problem.
  • Advise customers with more than 80,000 miles on a TPMS equipped vehicle that sensor failure may be imminent. 
4. Make TPMS a Profitable Part of Your Business. There are always opportunities to increase your revenue! 
  • Consistent use of service packs at every tire service
  • Charge for relearns
  • Install sensors in customers' second set of wheels
  • Use Schrader's rubber snap-in stem sensor for quick pull-through installation. If your technicians are consistently using the same product, they will be faster and more efficient at what they do, and will cycle through more cars in a business day. 
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