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Fiat TPMS Sensors

Fiat: Design, Style, and Soul

Schrader-Bridgeport, one of the world's lead innovators in TPMS technology, supplies all Fiat vehicles with tire pressure monitoring sensors.Constant Innovation and superior technology are two factors that have led Fiat to recently win 60 international awards, including being named 2008 European Car of the Year and 2009 World Car Design of the Year. The Fiat brand has evolved into a global icon and its vehicles are now available in over 80 countries. 

Fiat is an automobile manufacturer based in Turin, Italy. Fiat has produced consumer vehicles, railway engines, carriages, military vehicles, and aircraft since its creation in 1899. The company has been through many ups and downs during its lifetime, experiencing periods of steady progress, expansion, financial crisis, and growth. Fiat has remained consistent in following its trend of innovation with increased automation in the production process. 

If you have any questions regarding OE TPMS, fitment, reset / relearn procedures, installation, or anything else related to TPMS, please contact our customer service department at - [email protected] or call us at (714) 482-3996

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