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GMC TPMS Sensors

GMC Uses Schrader and Siemens VDO Tire Pressure Sensors

By utilizing tire pressure monitoring systems from reputable brands such as Schrader and Siemens VDO, GMC satisfies its customers by delivering trucks that maintain driver safety and convenience.  With over 100 years of history behind them, GMC strives to deliver some of the safest trucks and commercial vehicles around. 

GMC is a primarily a manufacturer of trucks, SUVs, and military vehicles. They are a subdivision of parent company General Motors. It was founded in 1908 as a holding company for Buick. The company developed some of the earliest commercial trucks ever designed (utilizing one-cylinder engines). GMC trucks are virtually identical to their Chevrolet variants except for the grilles and nameplates.  They are positioned as an outlet for the same trucks that are available under Chevrolet, and occasionally Isuzu or Suzuki, usually for Buick or Pontiac dealers, typically at lower volumes.

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