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Huf Generation 1 RDV Valve Installation Instructions

  • A: Torx screw M5
  • B: Valve stem with mounted valve core and grommet
  • C: Flat washer
  • D: Hexagonal nut
  • E: Assembly pin
  • F: Plastic valve cap

Instructions intended for Huf generation 1 valve stem assembly: 

  • RDV001: 43cm long
  • RDV002: 48cm long
  • RDV003: 49cm long
  • RDV004: 51cm long
  • RDV005: 56cm long
  • RDV006: 43cm long, black
  • RDV007: 43cm long, titanium 

1. Before inserting the valve, please ensure that the valve hole and the surface of the rim are cleaned and even to allow for proper sealing.

2. Insert valve through rim of wheel.

3. Insert metal rod into the side hole on the bottom of the valve beneath the rim lip.

4. Place washer over the top of the valve and then tighten the nut to 4Nm of torque.

5. Take screw and affix the sensor making sure the sensor is in full contact with the rim.

6. Tighten the bottom screw using a hex driver to 4Nm.

7. Install tire on the rim as directed for all TPMS sensors.

8. Tighten the valve cap to complete the process.