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Infiniti TPMS Sensors

A Constant Force in the Automotive Industry

Infiniti is certainly no slouch when it comes to driver safety and has constantly been redefining its concept of luxury performance. It has implemented several new pieces of safety technology into its vehicles including: lane departure warning (LDW), Around View Monitor, Blind Spot Intervention System (BSI), and tire pressure monitoring systems. This non-static approach to automobile design is what represents Infiniti and will allow the company to continue looking towards new horizons. 

Remarkable Luxury, Unique Versatility

Infiniti is the luxury division of Nissan Motor Company. The brand was launched in 1990 with the focus of creating new performance luxury vehicles to complete with the big U.S. and European luxury brands in the American market. Today, Infiniti's lineup has expanded to over 9 different vehicles including the G37 coupe, M hybrid, and QX. Models may vary in shape, size, and function, but drivers will always find Infiniti's vehicles to be tied together by three common traits: luxury, performance, and high-quality. 

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