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TPMS Programming and Diagnostic Tools

TPMSDirect offers programming and diagnostic TPMS tools for all types of vehicle applications, domestic or import.

Every service bay should be equipped with the right TPMS programming and diagnostic tools. Less than 40% of vehicles can reset the TPMS warning light without the use of special tools. Most TPMS sensors can only be programmed to the vehicles ECU with the use of a properly formatted TPMS scan tool.

From TPMS Magnet to Bartec TPMS Pad, TPMS Direct features extensive TPMS programming tools for all types of vehicle applications. These fully functioning programming tools come in several prices for you to choose from. If you canít find the tool you are looking for or need help with installation, we are available at your assistance.

Can't find a specific tool? Do you have questions or inquiries? Email us at [email protected].

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