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Schrader 20117 TPMS Relearn Procedure

When new tire pressure sensors are installed, they must be registered to the vehicle using a MAGNET.

1. Turn ignition switch to ON position, with engine OFF.
2. Simultaneously press the keyless entry transmitter’s LOCK and UNLOCK buttons until a horn chirp sounds, indicating the relearn mode has been enabled.
3. Starting at the left front tire, place the MAGNET over the valve stem until the horn chirps (this takes approximately 5 seconds).
4. After the horn chirp sounds, proceed as in previous step for the next 3 sensors in the following order: right front, right rear, then left rear.
5. After the left rear sensor ID is learned, a double horn chirp will sound, indicating all 4 sensor IDs have been learned. Turn the ignition switch to OFF position to exit the learn mode.
6. Make sure all tires, including the spare (if equipped), are inflated to the vehicle’s recommended inflation pressures.

Compatible with: 


2005 Deville
2004 Deville
2004 Deville DHS
2004 Deville DTS
2004 Seville SLS
2003 Deville
2003 Deville DHS
2003 Deville DTS
2003 Seville STS
2002 Deville
2002 Deville DHS
2002 Deville DTS
2002 Seville STS
2001 Deville
2001 Deville DHS
2001 Deville DTS
2001 Seville STS


2004 Corvette
2004 Corvette Convertible
2003 Corvette
2003 Corvette Convertible
2002 Corvette
2002 Corvette Convertible
2001 Corvette
2001 Corvette Convertible