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Schrader Launches EZ-Choice TPMS Campaign

Schrader has announced its "Make the EZ-Choice" campaign as a means to engage and inform all aftermarket automotive channels on various TPMS practices. Topics covered in the campaign include: TPMS strategy, advanced diagnostics, operational best practices, customer communications, keys to profitability, and navigation through the ocean of different TPMS sensors, valve stem replacements, and service kits. 

Schrader has also launched, a website aimed at providing education materials to make the large and sometimes intimidating world of TPMS more accessible to shops and consumers alike. Schrader plans to embark on a North American road-show tour to provide hands-on training for automotive service technicians and sales professionals. 

"There are key technical, usability, and short and long term consequences when deciding with whom to partner for TPMS. We continued to proactively assist customers and non-customers alike with making the right choices based on sound test data and the core training we've been delivering in shops for years across North America. We have helped thousands of shops turn TPMS into a significant profit opportunity and remain dedicated to their success. This includes not only making a fully informed decision regarding replacement sensors, but ensuring service pack replacement each and every time a tire is removed from the wheel." 

- Trevor Porter, Vice President of Schrader Aftermarket Sales