TPMS Mounting Strap Kit Installation
How to install TPMS sensors using a TPMS sensor strap band

TPMS Mounting Strap Kit Installation Instructions

The use of a sensor strap bands may be required for some OEM applications like some Ford F-Series Trucks.  Most sensor bands are used with 3 piece wheels, oversized wheels, and wheels with drop center valve stem holes.  Some 3 piece wheels may have two holes drilled into the barrel, one for standard valve stems and one for TPMS. We included some pictures to aid in the installation, as with  any Do it Yourself, preparation is key!  Installation is assuming tires have not been mounted yet.

Installation Procedure: 


  1. You must remove the TPMS sensors that are mounted inside of your stock wheels. This requires going to a tire shop and having your tires removed. The sensor is located inside of the tire, banded to the wheel. It is a good idea to remind the tech removing the tires that you do have a band mounted TPMS sensor in the wheel so that they will be cautious of it so as to not damage it when removing the tire. Once the tire is separated from the wheel, the sensors are easily removed by squeezing the ends of the brown stopper together and then carefully prying the metal tab outward with a small flat blade screwdriver and swinging the sensor upward on the hinged tabs. Take note of how the sensor is oriented. You must mount the sensor the same way in the new wheel, keeping the same edge parallel to the outer face of wheel. No problem if you forget to check, as the sensor is marked.
  2. The sensor will be mounted on the new wheel in the same orientation as removed from the old wheel. You should position the new sensor 180 degrees from the valve stem. The new (supplied) cradle will be affixed to the wheel with the (supplied) 3M double-sided adhesive tape. I chose to prep the location where the sensor would be mounted by wiping the area clean with rubbing alcohol and a clean rag. You want the area to be clean and dry for best adhesion of the cradle mount. It is important to install the cradle to allow the sensor to be mounted with the proper side toward the outside edge of wheel. See sensor to make sure.Remove tape and mount cradle. Note: for my installation, I chose to cut the tab off of the side of each sensor cradle. I did this so that cradle would fit the contour of my wheels. This is probably not necessary for all wheels, but I felt it was justified for my application.
  3. Thread the band through the installed cradle. Tighten the band, with the clamp end positioned near the valve stem (180 degrees from the sensor). After tightened I chose to trim the excess. If you do not trim the excess I would suggest restraining the loose end of the band to avoid unwanted noise when the vehicle is in use at low speeds, such as coming to a stop. In Figure 2 below, take note of the position of the clamp end relative the valve stem (black circle). Note: picture taken before I trimmed the excess from the band.

Fig. 2 - Band Installed

  1. Snap the sensor in place. Hooked end installed first, then lower the sensor to snap firmly in place. See figure 3 below.

Fig. 3 - Sensor installed

  1. TPMS install is now complete and you are ready to have your tires mounted and balanced.
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