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TPMS Service Kit Replacement

Service Kit Recommendations

When Should I Replace My TPMS Service Kit?

The TPMS service kit usually contains the following components: valve core, valve nut, seal, seal washer, and valve cap. The service kit needs to be replaced every time a tire is serviced.

  • Fitting new tires
  • Puncture repairs
  • Changing rims
  • Electronic failure
  • Damage during tire service
  • Damage by road hazards
  • Valve core or nut seizure

 There are two service kit categories: a snap-in sensor and a clamp-in sensor. 

      Snap-Sensor                  Clamp-In Sensor

Snap-in sensor service kits include: a single snap-in valve and T-10 screw. 

Clamp-in sensor service kits include: valve cap, valve core, nut, and grommet. 

Replacing your service kit everytime you change your tires is very important. A damaged valve, grommet, or valve core can cause malfunctions with your TPMS sensors. This can lead to incorrect pressure readings, TPMS error lights, low tire pressure, increased tire wear, and drops in MPG. Most of all, driver and passenger road safety are at stake if TPMS sensors are not functioning correctly. 

All parts of the TPMS sensor must work in harmony with each other. Even the most seemingly insignificant components play a large role in the functioning of the entire unit. 

Looking for a TPMS service kit replacement? Look no further :

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